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Everyday Muslim

Everyday Muslim is a long-term project to create a central archive of Muslim lives, arts, education and cultures from across the UK. Part of the Khizra Foundation it's aim is to collect and document the presence and contribution of Muslims through images, interviews and documents; to provide a comprehensive and unmediated portrayal of Muslim life in Britain. The collections will be catalogued and archived in archival institutes across the UK. Alongside other British historical documents for future historical research and reference.

At One Agency, we were involved from inception to work on the branding for Everyday Muslim, from the logo to website and all of their respective projects. It's first project saw Everyday Muslim partnered with Bishopsgate Institute to focus on the inter-generational South Asian Muslim communities across London since the 1940s to produce its first archive collection:  We Weren't Expecting to Stay and Other Stories.

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Credit: Maaria Lohiya;  @Justmebreathing  

Credit: Maaria Lohiya; @Justmebreathing 

Muslim Black History Seminar - March 2017

Everyday Muslim’s third annual symposium explored constructions of Black Muslim identity and heritage in the UK and how the stories of Black British Muslims intersect within the wider British Muslim society and beyond.

One Agency created the branding for the event that included literature, brochures, signage and video graphics.


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Revisiting the World of Islam - April 2016