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Velocita Group

The brand

Velocita is a new automotive brand specialising in the short-term hire of prestige cars and supercars. With an emphasis of careful vehicle procurement we created a campaign ethos of ‘Drive it like you own it’. Complemented with their extensive Instagram following, we have been able to help Velocita to gain a unique foothold in this competitive market. We have helped them garner over 40k followers in less than 9 months. With a specialism in AMG Mercedes-Benz models, and we’ve helped Velocita develop a unique relationship with the manufacturer that has led to a nurturing partnership. This has resulted in reviewing new models and the launch of a standalone Velocita TV Youtube channel.

With the success of this brand, Velocita have asked us to create a series of sub brands that will work within the framework of the automotive industry and social media. These will emerge in the next few months. 

One Agency created the brand name, the mark itself, brand language, website, point of sale and website to create an established and well-known brand. This was complemented with a fully responsive website at


Social media

With a following of between 40-125k followers across two affiliated Velocita accounts we have helped create a significant social media presence across, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. With the two combined accounts, our reach is well over 400k on a weekly basis.

Velocita has been in operation for just under two years. In that time we have been constantly complemented on our branding, from hirers to the marketing departments at main German manufacturers. It has opened many doors
— Raziz Rehan, Founder

Film by dominichinde

Known as the 'Solarflare' our new AMG C63s coupe is unveiled with new solarbeam livery.

Film by dominichinde

The 'Viper', our AMG A45 runs amok in the New England forest.