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We are One Agency... new website

Hello/Salaams all. Apologies, it's been a long time coming - much to the annoyance of some of our advocates, but the new website is here. It's a special day as it coincides with the launch of one or our main yearly campaigns for UK-based NGO, Muslim Aid. This years "I Paid with Muslim Aid" seeks to highlight address the relationship between the donors and Muslim Aid. Every year Muslims are exposed to a plethora of images of donation recipients in need or distress. Though it is needed so as to really highlight emergencies and does garner results. But with hundreds of well meaning Muslim charities the market was crowded and the same message was being reiterated over a an average 30 day period.

The thought process was to really create a  sense of differentiation and cut through with a simple message that honed in on the area of 'Zakat' (Muslim alms giving). It was also an opportunity, given the current climate to really highlight the presence in the UK. This was illustrated by showing four everyday Muslims from a range of backgrounds and ethnicities. The photographic style was simple and candid. A contemporary yet strong typographical aesthetic was created to further enforce this feeling. This has now gone live with a national campaign across a range of mediums and formats.

It features our more recent and favourite projects. So do have a peruse and we welcome as always your feedback, thoughts and comments.

Irfan Ahmed